Arthroscopic Labral Repairs

The term “arthro” refers to the joint and the term “scopy” refers to a telescope that can be put into the joint.  The labrum is a cartilaginous or soft flange that forms the edge of the hip joint socket. 

There are some circumstances where these labral tears or detachments are symptomatic and can be repaired.

Skilled hip arthroscopists are able to accomplish this feat through two or three small nicks in the skin.  This is often performed as a day case and, by re-attaching or reconstructing the labrum, pre-operative symptoms can be dramatically diminished or even eliminated. 

It is also possible that by re-attaching or repairing a labrum, the rate of demise of a joint which was destined to become arthritic can be dramatically slowed.  It is possible that the longevity of the joint can be increased appreciably.